Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Naughty-Cal is now safely chocked ashore for a couple of weeks. So tonight we will head across to the marina and start a few jobs on the stern drive. The most important job is draining the drive oil and bringing the bottom end home to fit some new oil seals. These were damaged on the first day of the fishing season this year by a careless fisherman on the Trent!

As we potentially only have the one weekend to work on the boat, Cal won;t be getting her usual full fettle this year, more of a quick service then anything else. But we can do a lot of the jobs we have planned for this winter whilst the boat is in the water, which is a good job really as we don't want to be taking her out again if we can help it.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Yesterday proved to be a very changeable day, one minute the sun was shining and it was too hot under the canvas, the next it was raining heavily and it was chilly so we would put on the heating only to be turning it off half an hour later when the sun came out again.

With this in mind we decided to head back to the marina during one of the sunny spells, but not before we had been for a circuit walk of Lincoln just to stretch the legs and to walk off the eggs benedict we had for breakfast. Fortunately the weather stayed dry for this little wander and was still sunny and warm when we arrived back at the boat. So we rolled up some canvas to let some air through the boat and pootled back to the marina.

No sooner had we got the ropes on with the engine still running the heavens opened, so we hurriedly got the covers back down and the orange mooring rope plugged back in before settling down to watch the last of the F1 with the brisket bubbling away in the slow cooker with some Adnams Ghost Ship, onions and mushrooms and the thunder rumbling away over head.

We foolishly decided against leaving the heating on the timer, deciding it would be warm enough when we got up this morning to head to work. How wrong were we? It was a decidedly chilly ten degrees in the cabin this morning at 5.45am!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

No Gincidents

The gin tasting was a very civilised affair. I did manage to find a couple that I really enjoyed.  My favourite being a ginger gin from Spain.

After the gin festival we had a few beers in town followed by a curry before retiring back to the boat to listen to some music with a few beers and the heating on.

A very nice way to round off a very nice day.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Hearty Start

A hearty breakfast to start the weekend with turkey sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and hash browns. We have a busy day today so a nice breakfast should see us through.

We will shortly be heading to Lincoln to the gin festival.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Staying In

We are planning another lazy night in tonight. We have a busy day planned for tomorrow so time to just chill out and unwind this evening with a few beers and a nice meal later of loch trout and stir fried vegetables. With a distinct chill in the air this morning I also get the feeling that it might be time to get the heating put on the timer as well. I don't like being cold!

Tomorrow we have a gin tasting event to attend at the Lincoln Gin Festival in the Drill Hall. Now gin isn't my favourite tipple I will admit but Liam loves it and I am determined to find one that I like. So an event with over 50 gins to sample should make the perfect chance to find that special one for me. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Late Night

We had a late night last night as we had to go and collect a purchase we had made on Ebay earlier in the week. I'm not sure when they said local collection they assumed we would travel from Sheffield to Kettering one evening during the week, a journey that should take a couple of hours each way but in the end took us nearer to three on the way back due to roadworks on the M1.

So tonight Liam has the job of wiring this little lot together and dismantling the existing set up. I suspect much swearing coming from the living room this evening!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sealed with a Kiss

The last of the parts arrived for Naughty-Cal's mid season spruce up yesterday. The stern drive shaft oil seals arrived just a day after ordering so we were well pleased with the service we have received from Key Part as usual. A very pleasant company to deal with.

So this time next week Cal will be chocked ashore and we will be heading down one evening in the week to remove the props and drain the leg oil before removing the bottom end for Liam to take to work and refit the new seals.

By doing it this way and having one evening working on the boat it means that we can have everything built back up over the weekend so that we won't be holding up the relaunch should they finish early the following week.