Friday, 19 January 2018


It was a decidedly slippery start to the day with sheets of black ice across Sheffield's pavements and roads which made for an interesting morning to say the least, starting with loading up the car at 7.00am, which is usually a 2 minute job. But this time saw us both skidding and sliding around on the driveway and that's before we tried to move the car!

I'm glad to say that we did both make it to the shops to do the mini stock up and both made it to work with no incidents but others have not been so lucky with accidents right across the city.

With temperatures not much above freezing even now it will be a steady drive to the marina this evening. We want to get there in one piece and it doesn't matter how long it takes us as we are not going out anywhere tonight. We have instead opted for a quiet night in front of some TV and a turkey mince spag bol with homemade garlic bread for later in the evening.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Decision Made

It is time we started getting on with the plans for our summer trip to the Thames. We already know the dates we will be going and have the boat booked in to be towed down to Lechlade and back again from Gallions Reach. 

But now it is time to start looking into the nitty gritty of the detail. We know that we will have eight days on the non tidal river and a further seven in London. But we needed to decide where we would book our marina berth in London for the week. St Katherines Dock is centrally located but you pay for that priviledge with high mooring fees, or Limehouse a little further out of the city with cheaper mooring fees, free for 24 hours for CRT licence holders and a short public transport trip into the city? A difficult choice indeed.

In the end we have chosen St Katherines Dock. We don't plan to do this trip again in a hurry so we may as well make the most of it this time around and be right in the thick of it for the week. So yesterday I booked the berth. Decision made.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Couldn't Say No

With not all of our holidays booked in for this year yet, we were far from thinking about what we would do for holidays in 2019. Why would we? We are only 17 days into this year!

But when Le Boat came to us with an offer that was just too good to turn down for Easter next year we jumped at the chance to take it. So Easter 2019 we will be cruising the waterways of Belgium on their boat the Cirrus B. Another 2 berth cruiser, about the same size as the Capri TS that we are hiring later this year but a completely different layout.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Wrong Again

We had fully expected to wake up to a blanket of snow this morning. All of the forecasts had agreed that here in Sheffield we would have had snow through the night. But as we opened the curtains at home there was not even a flake to be seen. Wrong again!

We have seen the odd flurry as we have driven across the city to work but nothing to write home about. Hopefully it will stay that way through the day.

We have been starting to think about what we might do this coming weekend. Liam is keen to go to the cinema to watch Darkest Hour so we might do that on Saturday afternoon. Handy as the cinema is just across the pool from the visitor moorings.

Monday, 15 January 2018

A Pleasant Weekend

All in all we had a very pleasant if somewhat quiet weekend. We hardly saw another soul, ok, slight exaggeration as we were out in Lincoln on Friday evening but it was still very quiet in town for a Friday evening.

Our trip down the Witham was lovely with not another boat on the move and the same on the way back although we did meet up with Lincoln Canoe Club towards Burton Waters entrance.

With the boat back on our berth yesterday morning we decided it was time to give her a long over due good clean and scrub down. I set about the cabin while Liam set about outside in the cold scrubbing down the decks. Within a couple of hours Naughty-Cal was looking like a different boat, gleaming in the last of the afternoon light.

With a few beers we then sat back and watched a few episodes of Happy Days before heading across to Woodcocks for a pleasant Sunday evening meal. Then it was time to head back to the boat and get ready for work this morning.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Good Food

We both enjoyed a nice meal at the Ferry Boat last night. Liam had a nice run eye steak with all the trimmings and I opted for the fish and chips which was more like whale and chips when it arrived!

Today we will have a steady run back to Lincoln before heading back to the marina. We have had a change of plan as our guests can't make it today so we will probably eat at Woodcocks tonight to round off the weekend.

Saturday, 13 January 2018


Today we have moved on to Washingborough where we are booked into The Ferry Boat for a meal this evening.

This is the first time in a while that we have dropped down onto the Witham and our first work out lock for a long time.

We are getting lazy!