Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lugging Loads

We wearily loaded the car this morning with all of the stuff we would need for the weekend. I really need a bigger car as we have stuff all over the back seats now. Mind you that isn't helped this week by the boot being full of diesel cans!

We are making an unexpected stop at Bramley this evening on the way to the boat to pick up 60 litres of red diesel from the petrol station. 

I hate lugging diesel around in the car. This is a practice I thought we had given up for good. It leaves the car stinking of diesel and the extra weight in the boot does the fuel economy no good at all. Yes the diesel is cheaper but it usually isn't worth all of the extra hassle. This time however we have no choice if we want to make this weekends trip to West Stockwith. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Getting Prepared

This coming weekend we have our first proper outing of the year with a group run to West Stockwith. We have quite a selection of boats coming this time with a decent mix of fast and slow, steel and GRP.

For us this has brought with it a bit of an issue mind. Being in the fast boat crowd we had wanted to use this trip as a chance to stretch Cal's legs and open her up. Why is that a problem you may ask? Well we don't have enough fuel!

Our plan had been to put some in last weekend, however that became a bit of a problem when the fuel berth went up in flames. Our next plan had been to get fuel at West Stockwith, but with ten boats coming in the lock we didn't really want to hold the process up on the fuel berth. So Plan C is for us to now head across to the marina tomorrow evening and take 60 litres of diesel with us to put in the tank. This will get us there and back comfortably enough on top of the 40 or so litres we already have in the tank.

So last night I was busy rustling up a turkey curry to put in the freezer to take with us along with some vegetable bahjis. This makes a nice easy dinner on the boat for us as it only takes 10 minutes to warm everything through and cook some wholegrain rice. It is also delicious. 

The last bit of shopping Liam will do tonight to go and get the beer stock for the weekend and then we are ready to go. An unexpected extra night on the boat this week.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hoods Up

In between the drama on Saturday we did manage to get a few bits done on the boat. The main job for the weekend had been to scrub up the canopies and remove the winters green from the seams and zips.

We decided to try something different to wash them with this year and it seems to have worked a treat. Daz hand wash powder. Who would have thought something so simple, and cheap, would work so well?

It has worked so well in fact that it is what we will be using from now on. We also treated them with some spray on mould remover which claims to keep mould growth at bay, but we shall have to see about that as we are not overly convinced it will do what it says on the tin.

We are busy this coming weekend but the next dry weekend that we get after that will be spent reproofing the canopies with some Fabsil to keep them nice and water tight which in itself helps to keep the green growth at bay. With this done they are then ready for the up coming year ahead. Thankfully this is only a once a year job.

Monday, 27 March 2017

The Aftermath

There will be one or two insurance assessors who are very busy today clearing up the aftermath of the weekends events at Burton Waters. Amazingly no one was hurt so it is only damage to boats and property that needs sorting out. The two boats are no doubt scrap and the fuel berth needs a complete rebuild and recommissioning. 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Sorry Sight

We have just had a wander around the marina to look at the sorry sight of the fuelling berth and dead boats.

Not a nice sight.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A bit of Drama

A bit of Drama in Burton Waters.  A boat has caught fire on the fuel berth and well destroyed it!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Breaking Out

We have decided it is time to break out the Sierra again. The weather for the weekend looks good and dry all weekend so there is no time like the present.

The car has been sat in the garage since her Christmas Day run to The White Hart at West Stockwith so as suspected when we came to wake her up last night the battery was flat. A night on the battery charger has sorted that out though and this morning she fired up at the first turn of the key and sprang into life, easing up the driveway and out into the sunlight for the first time in three months.

She was a little dusty, so after a quick dash around the supermarket to pick up the weekends shopping and dropping Liam off at work, we went for a quick wash off at the local car wash. This has highlighted just how much damage the overhanging bushes in Cornwall did last year, there are light scratches all down both sides, but a quick polish one day after work will sort that out.

Hopefully she is in a good mood and will get us to Burton Waters tonight without several breakdown stops!