Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Some Odd Jobs

Before heading out on our glorious sunny weekend in Saxilby we had carried out a few odd jobs on Naughty-Cal beforehand on Saturday morning.

First up we refitted the bathing platform which Liam had repaired. You may remember there was a small accident a few months back when we towed Huwey Louis back from West Stockwith and his anchor ran into the platform. Well that is all repaired and back on the boat now.

Unfortunately the new bolts fitted to the transom gate hinge were not long enough so we will have to head back to the boat on Thursday evening to get that fitted back on the boat ready for our bank holiday trip to West Stockwith this coming weekend.

We also put on some fresh bedding, had a tidy up in the cabin and refilled the fuel tank. 146 litres this time so we had not run it down as far as last time. We will now have plenty of fuel for our trip to West Stockwith and probably won't need to fill up again until we are ready to head up the Trent in July.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Sunny Weekend

Well we certainly can't complain about the weather this weekend gone. It was beautiful and we had a lovely weekend with friends and good company. Here's to may more just like it.

The canopies off for the first time this year.

Sydney learning to swim in the slipway.

Heading down river to Saxilby.

Making the most of the shade

Almost there.

The visitors moorings were full so we moored on the green.

Setting up camp.

In the shade.

Too much sun Steve?

Captain Sydney at the helm

Huge carp sunbathing in the shallows.

Heading to the Pyewipe for Sunday dinner.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Take Two

It looks set to be another stunning day so we intend to make the most of it. We had a brilliant day yesterday in Saxilby. Today we will head back but not while later when we will take Syd swimming again before having dinner in Woodcocks.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

What a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful it is. We have done a few odd jobs this morning, filled up with diesel and are now on our way to Saxilby for a BBQ in the sunshine.

While waiting for diesel we decided to see if Sydney would swim from the slipway. He has now gotten over his fear of water and loves swimming. In fact he didn't want to get out when it was time to go!

Friday, 18 May 2018


We think that a leisurely weekend is in store. We have a few bits and bobs to do to the boat before next weekends bank holiday weekend trip so tonight we will stay in the marina so that we can get the odds and sods jobs done in the morning and get filled up with diesel. We have run very low on fuel again. But we don't need to worry about that now we are not going to the Thames, we can keep it as full as we like now we are not being towed anywhere.

We will have a steady run to Saxilby, we will really have no rush, provided we can get moored up somewhere, which we always can, then we will have somewhere to BBQ and relax.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Whistle Stop Alternative

The Norfolk Broads were where our love affair with boating started many moons ago now, first with an array of hire boats and in more recent years with our own boat. 

Whenever we visit with Naughty-Cal it always seems such a rush job. Our two week holiday always entails a two day rush down to the Broads followed by a seven day whistle stop tour of the Broads and then a battle to get back home by sea again, which almost always decides it is going to rough up for us on the home leg and make life interesting for us.

We have been discussing this and have decided that the next time we visit Norfolk, we will do so on the trailer. This way we can get the full two weeks down there and have no worries about sea conditions for getting back home. It will take all of the stress out of the time on the Broads and give us plenty of chance to visit all of the places that usually only get a fleeting fly by on our whistle stop tours of the area.

Now to decide when we will go again.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Play Time

We have lived at our current home for over eleven years now but have never really appreciated just what lovely countryside we have on our doorstep. Until we came the custodians of Sydney that is. In the past month we have spent more time in our locals woods and fields then in the last eleven years put together and we are all really enjoying it, Sydney included.